The Kyotaku is a long, Japanese bamboo flute and is mainly used to play traditional Honkyoku music.

I experience kyotaku playing as a form of meditation. My teacher is the German Kyotaku master Tilo Burdach. In 2015 we went together to Japan to celebrate an anniversary birthday of the late kyotaku master Koku Nishimura and to play together in the temples of Kyoto.

The kyotaku sound has a wonderful calming effect on people listening and/ or meditating and it is suitable in supporting any energy- or healing work, as many people experience the sound of this bamboo flute as relaxing, centering and supportive in getting present to the moment.

It is therefore very suitable for events in which the concentration is supposed to be focused on the aesthetic-artistic experience, as in exhibitions and lectures. Here, the sound of the Kyotaku can be a great contribution.